• pokédex pokémon ranger 2

                POKéDEX POKéMON RANGER 2                    

    Ranger No. Picture Name Type Field Ability Assist Location
    R-001 Pichu Electrique Charge * 1 Charge Ranger School
    Vien Town
    Vien Forest
    Marine Cave
    Pueru Town
    R-002 Pikachu Electrique Charge * 3 Charge Vien Forest
    Crystal Lake
    Volcano Cave
    Nurie Highway
    Nurie Field
    Nurie Ruins
    R-003 Raichu Electrique Charge * 4 Charge The Ice Lake
    Almia Castle
    Volcano Cave
    R-004 Keunotor Normal Break * 1 Normal Ranger School
    Vien Town
    R-005 Castorno Eau Water * 2 Water Freighter
    Vien Forest
    Ranger Union
    Union Road
    Peril Cliff-side
    R-006 Nirondelle Vol Slash * 1 Flying Ranger School
    School Path
    Vien Town
    Vien Forest
    R-007 Heledelle Vol Slash *2 Flying Union Road
    Peril Cliff-side
    R-008 Rozbouton Plante Slam * 1 Grass Union Road
    Peril Cliff-side
    R-009 Roselia Plante Slash * 2 Grass Vien Forest
    R-010 Roserade Plante Slash * 3 Grass Vien Forest (After Quest, Requires Surf)
    R-011 Carapuce Eau Water * 1 Water Ranger School
    Marine Cave
    R-012 Carabaffe Eau Water * 2 Water Vien Forest
    R-013 Tortank Eau Rain Dance Water Vien Forest
    R-014 Nosferapti Vol Slash * 1 Flying Ranger School
    Marine Cave
    R-015 Nosferalto Vol Break * 2 Flying The Crystal Lake
    R-016 Nostenfer Vol Break * 3 Flying Asoheru Building
    R-017 Fantominus Spectre Psycho Power * 1 Ghost Ranger School
    R-018 Spectrum Spectre Psycho Power * 2 Ghost Almia Castle
    Offshore Oil Platform Hideout
    R-019 Ectoplasma Spectre Psycho Power * 3 Ghost Hippowdon Temple
    Asoheru Building
    Asoheru Tower
    R-020 Laporeille Normal Break * 1 Normal School Path
    Vien Forest
    R-021 Lockpin Normal Break * 2 Normal Vien Forest
    R-022 Ptiravi Normal Break * 1 Normal Vien Forest
    R-023 Etourmi Vol None* Flying Vien Town Beach (Starter)
    Hippowdown Temple (During Quest)
    R-024 Etourvol Vol Slash * 2 Flying Peril Cliff
    R-025 Etouraptor Vol Fly Flying After first activating:
    Chikore Path
    School Path
    Vien Forest
    Haruba Desert
    Boil Land
    Asoheru Park
    Ranger Union
    The Ice Lake
    Nurie Highway
    Nurie Field
    Buruburu Village
    Offshore Oil Platform Hideout
    R-026 Pachirisu Electrique None Electric Vien Town Beach (Starter)
    Ranger School (During Quest)
    R-027 Goinfrex Normal None Normal Vien Town Beach (Starter)
    ? (During Quest)
    R-028 Makuhita Combat Break * 2 Fighting Freighter
    R-029 Hariyama Combat Break * 3 Fighting Volcano Cave
    R-030 Manzaï Roche Slam * 1 Rock Ranger School (May need Water * 1)
    Vien Forest (May need Water * 1)
    R-031 Simularbre Roche Break * 2 Rock Nurie Highway (May need Water * 2)
    Haruba Village (May need Water * 2)
    R-032 Parecool Normal Slash * 1 Normal Ranger School (Slam * 1 needed on Tree)
    R-033 Grainpiot Plante Slam * 1 Grass Chikore Path (Slam * 1 needed on Tree)
    R-034 Pifeuil Plante Slam * 2 Grass Nurie Highway
    R-035 Tengalice Ténèbres Slash * 3 Dark Vien Forest
    R-036 Bouldeneu Plante Slam * 2 Grass Ranger School (Needs Break * 2)
    R-037 Sancoki Eau Water * 1 Water Vien Town Beach
    Marine Cave
    R-038 Tritosor Eau Water * 2 Water Marine Cave
    Volcano Cave
    R-039 Chaglam Normal Slash * 1 Normal Vien Town Beach
    R-040 Chaffreux Normal Slam * 2 Normal Freighter
    R-041 Racaillou Roche Break * 1 Rock Marine Cave (May Need Water * 1)
    Peril Cliff (May Need Water * 1)
    R-042 Gravalanch Roche Break * 2 Rock Marine Cave (May Need Water * 2)
    Peril Cliff (May Need Water * 2)
    Volcano Cave (May Need Water * 2)
    R-043 Grolem Roche Break * 4 Rock Hippowdon Temple
    Asoheru Tower
    R-044 Tarinor Roche Break * 2 Rock Marine Cave
    R-045 Tarinorme Roche Break * 4 Rock Nurie Ruins (Needs Psycho Power * 3)
    R-046 Ecremeuh Normal Slam * 2 Normal Nurie Highway
    R-047 Ceribou Plante Slam * 1 Grass Vien Forest
    R-048 Ceriflor Plante Slam * 2 Grass Peril Cliff
    R-049 Lixy Electrique Thunder * 1 Electric Vien Forest
    R-050 Luxio Electrique Thunder * 2 Electric Vien Forest
    Offshore Oil Platform Hideout
    R-051 Luxray Electrique Thunder * 3 Electric Offshore Oil Platform Hideout
    R-052 Tortipouss Plante None Grass Vien Beachside (Quest)
    R-053 Boskara Plante Slam * 2 Grass Vien Forest
    R-054 Torterra Plante Slam * 4 Grass Vien Forest (Requires Slam * 4)
    R-055 Mustebouée Eau Water * 1 Water Vien Forest
    R-056 Musteflott Eau Surf * 1 Water Vien Forest
    Union Road
    The Crystal Lake
    R-057 Aspicot Insecte Slam * 1 Bug Vien Forest
    R-058 Dardagnan Insecte Break * 2 Bug Vien Forest
    Nurie Field
    R-059 Apitrini Insecte Slash * 1 Flying Vien Forest
    Nurie Highway
    R-060 Apireine Insecte Break * 3 Bug Nurie Highway (After Quest)
    R-061 Debugant Combat Break * 1 Fighting Pueru Town
    R-062 Magneti Electrique Charge * 2 Charge Pueru Town
    Volcano Cave
    Union Road
    Peril Cliff
    R-063 Magneton Electrique Charge * 5 Charge Offshore Oil Platform Hideout
    Habura Desert
    Hippowdon Temple
    Asoheru Building
    Asoheru Tower
    R-064 Magnezone Electrique Thunder * 3 Electric Freighter (After beating as Boss)
    R-065 Caninos Feu Flame * 2 Fire Pueru Townwn
    Union Road
    R-066 Arcanin Feu Flame * 4 Fire Asoheru Tower
    R-067 Rattata Normal Slam * 1 Normal Pueru Townwn
    R-068 Rattatac Normal Slash * 2 Normal Pueru Townwn
    R-069 Pijako Flying Slash * 1 Flying Pueru Townwn
    R-070 Elekid Electrique Thunder * 2 Electric Pueru Townwn
    R-071 Elektek Electrique Flash Electric Freighter
    Nurie Ruins
    Asoheru Building
    R-072 Elekable Electrique Thunder * 3 Electric Offshore Oil Platform Hideout (After beating as Boss)
    R-073 Magby Feu Flame * 1 Fire Pueru Townwn
    R-074 Magmar Feu Flame * 2 Fire Freighter
    Volcano Cave
    R-075 Maganon Feu Flame * 5 Fire Volcano Cave (After beating as Boss)
    R-076 Voltorbe Electrique Thunder * 2 Electric Pueru Townwn
    R-077 Electrode Electrique Thunder * 3 Electric Asoheru Building
    R-078 Goelise Eau Water * 1 Water Pueru Townwn
    Boil Land
    R-079 Bekipan Eau Water * 3 Water Volcano Cave
    Habura Village
    R-080 Cradopaud Poison None Poison School Path (One Time Only)
    R-081 Coatox Poison Break * 2 Poison Unknown
    R-082 Crikzik Insecte None Bug Chikore Field (One Time Only)
    R-083 Melokrik Insecte Slash * 2 Bug Vien Forest
    R-084 Kranidos Roche None Rock Vien Forest (Quest)
    R-085 Charkos Roche Slam * 5 Rock Peril Cliff (After beating as Boss)
    R-086 Ecayon Eau Water * 1 Water Puel Sea
    R-087 Lumineon Eau Water * 2 Water Puel Sea (After Quest)
    R-088 Loupio Electrique Charge * 2 Charge Puel Sea
    R-089 Lanturn Electrique Charge * 4 Charge Wailord Lake
    R-090 Babimanta Eau Slam * 1 Water Puel Sea
    R-091 Demanta Eau Underwater Surf Water Puel Sea
    Wailord Lake
    R-092 Qwilfish Eau Water * 1 Water Puel Sea
    R-093 Corayon Eau Break * 2 Water Puel Sea
    R-094 Stary Eau Slash * 1 Water Puel Sea
    R-095 Starros Eau Slash * 3 Water Wailord Lake
    R-096 Sharpedo Eau Break * 4 Water Puel Sea
    Wailord Lake
    R-097 Evoli Normal Break * 1 Normal Pueru Townwn (After Quest)
    R-098 Aquali Eau Water * 3 Water Almia Castle
    Asoheru Tower
    R-099 Volteon Electrique Thunder * 3 Electric Habura Desert
    R-100 Pyroli Feu Flame * 3 Fire Volcano Cave
    R-101 Mentali Psy Teleport Psychic Hippowdon Temple
    R-102 Noctali Ténèbres Slash * 3 Dark Nurie Ruins
    R-103 Phyllali Plante Slash * 3 Grass Vien Forest
    R-104 Givrali Glace Break * 3 Ice The Ice Lake
    R-105 Wattouat Electrique Thunder * 1 Electric Union Road
    R-106 Lainergie Electrique Thunder * 2 Electric Nurie Highway
    R-107 Pharamp Electrique Thunder * 3 Electric Asoheru Building
    Asoheru Tower
    R-108 Capumain Normal Slam * 1 Normal Union Road
    R-109 Capidextre Normal Break * 2 Normal Vien Forest (After Quest)
    R-110 Pomdepik Insecte Slam * 1 Bug Union Road
    Peril Cliff
    R-111 Foretress Acier Break * 2 Steel Vien Forest
    R-112 Piafabec Vol Slash * 1 Flying Union Road
    Peril Cliff
    R-113 Rapasdepic Vol Slash * 3 Flying Habura Desert
    R-114 Mystherbe Plante Slash * 1 Grass Union Road (Requires Slam * 1)
    R-115 Ortide Plante Slash * 2 Grass Nurie Field (Requires Slam * 2)
    R-116 Rafflesia Poison Slash * 3 Poison Nurie Field (Requires Slam * 3)
    R-117 Joliflor Plante Slash * 3 Grass Hippowdon Temple
    R-118 Yanma Vol Slash * 2 Flying Union Road (Requires Slam * 1 on Tree)
    R-119 Yanmega Insecte None Bug None (Fight in Rangers Union)
    R-120 Embrylex Sol Break * 1 Rock Peril Cliff
    R-121 Ymphect Sol Break * 2 Ground Nurie Ruins
    R-122 Tyranocif Sol Break * 4 Dark Hippowdon Temple
    R-123 Scarabrute Insecte Slash * 2 a Bug Peril Cliff
    R-124 Chamalot Feu Flame * 1 Ground Peril Cliff
    R-125 Camerupt Feu Flame * 3 Fire The Crystal Lake
    R-126 Ferosinge Combat Break * 1 Fighting Peril Cliff
    R-127 Colossinge Combat Break * 3 Fighting Asoheru Building
    Asoheru Tower
    R-128 Scorplane Sol Slash * 1 Flying Peril Cliff
    R-129 Scorvol Sol None Flying None (Fight as boss in Offshore Oil Platform Hideout)
    R-130 Mysdibule Acier Break * 2 Steel Peril Cliff
    R-131 Galekid Acier Slam * 1 Steel Peril Cliff
    R-132 Galegon Acier Slam * 2 Steel Volcano Cave
    R-133 Galeking Acier Slam * 4 Steel Volcano Cave
    R-134 Doduo Normal Ride Normal After First Activating:
    Chikore Path
    School Path
    Ranger School
    Vien Forest
    Pueru Townwn
    Union Road
    Ranger Union
    Nurie Highway
    R-135 Dodrio Normal Slam * 2 Normal Nurie Highway
    R-136 Vortente Plante Slash * 2 Grass Nurie Field
    R-137 Salamèche Feu Flame * 1 Fire Ranger School (After crashing Freighter)
    Volcano Cave
    R-138 Reptincel Feu Flame * 2 Fire Volcano Cave
    R-139 Dracaufeu Feu Flame * 4 Fire Volcano Cave (After beating Heatran)
    R-140 Limagma Feu Flame * 1 Fire Volcano Cave
    R-141 Volcaropod Feu Flame * 2 Fire Volcano Cave
    R-142 Baudrive Spectre Hover Ghost Volcano Cave
    R-143 Grodrive Spectre Rise Ghost Volcano Cave
    Nurie Ruins
    Hippowdon Temple
    R-144 Moufouette Poison Break * 1 Poison Volcano Cave
    R-145 Moufflair Poison Bad Smell Poison Offshore Oil Platform Hideout
    R-146 Kangourex Normal Break * 2 Normal Unknown (Fought in Nurie Ruins)
    R-147 Polichombr Spectre Psycho Power * 1 Ghost Volcano Cave
    R-148 Branette Spectre Psycho Power * 2 Ghost Hippowdon Temple
    R-149 Rhinocorne Sol Slam * 2 Ground Volcano Cave
    R-150 Rhinoféros Sol Slam * 4 Ground Volcano Cave
    Habura Desert
    Asoheru Tower
    R-151 Rhinastoc Sol None Ground None (Fight as Boss in Asoheru Tower)
    R-152 Grotadmorv Poison Slam * 2 Poison Volcano Cave
    R-153 Malosse Ténèbres Slam * 1 Dark Freighter
    Offshore Oil Platform Hideout
    R-154 Demolosse Ténèbres Flame * 2 Dark Offshore Oil Platform Hideout
    R-155 Mimigal Insecte Slam * 1 a Bug Freighter
    R-156 Migalos Insecte Slam * 3 aaa Bug Hippowdon Temple
    Asoheru Building
    R-157 Tarsal Psy Slam * 1 Psychic Freighter
    R-158 Kirlia Psy Teleport Psychic Nurie Ruins
    R-159 Gardevoir Psy Psycho Power * 3 Psychic Asoheru Tower
    R-160 Gallame Combat Slash * 5 Fighting Asoheru Building (After beating as Boss)
    R-161 Machoc Combat None Fighting Peril Cliff (Quest)
    R-162 Machopeur Combat Break * 2 Fighting Freighter
    R-163 Mackogneur Combat Break * 3 Fighting Offshore Oil Platform Hideout
    R-164 Mime Jr. Psy None Psychic Boil Land (Only One)
    R-165 Mr. Mime Psy Teleport Psychic Offshore Oil Platform Hideout
    R-166 Soporifik Psy Break * 2 Psychic Freighter
    R-167 Hypnomade Psy Psycho Power * 2 Psychic Nurie Ruins
    Asoheru Building
    R-168 Ouisticram Feu None Fire Nurie Field (Only One)
    R-169 Chimpenfeu Feu Flame * 2 Fire Freighter
    R-170 Simiabraz Feu Flame * 3 Fire Volcano Cave (After beating as Boss)
    R-171 Goupix Feu Flame * 1 Fire Buruburu Camp
    The Ice Lake
    Hia Valley
    Almia Castle
    R-172 Feunard Feu Flame * 4 Fire Almia Castle
    R-173 Rapion Poison Break * 1 Poison Habura Desert
    Hippowdon Temple
    R-174 Drascore Poison None Poison None (Fight as Boss on Freighter)
    R-175 Coudlangue Normal Break * 3 Normal Freighter
    R-176 Ponyta Feu Flame * 1 Fire Nurie Highway
    R-177 Galopa Feu Flame * 3 Fire Nurie Field
    R-178 Girafarig Psy Slam * 2 Psychic Nurie Highway
    R-179 Tauros Normal Slam * 2 Normal Nurie Highway
    R-180 Ninjask Insecte Slash * 2 a Bug Nurie Highway (Requires Slam * 1 on tree)
    R-181 Dinoclier Acier None Steel Peril Cliff (Quest)
    R-182 Bastiodon Acier Slam * 3 Steel Nurie Field
    Nurie Ruins
    R-183 Abra Psy Slam * 1 Psychic Nurie Field
    R-184 Alakazam Psy Teleport Psychic Asoheru Tower
    R-185 Cornèbre Ténèbres Slash * 1 Dark Pueru Townwn
    R-186 Corboss Ténèbres Slash * 3 Dark Offshore Oil Platform Hideout
    R-187 Smogo Poison Slam * 1 Poison Nurie Ruins
    R-188 Smogogo Poison Slam * 2 Poison Almia Castle
    R-189 Airmure Acier Whirlwind Steel Nurie Field
    R-190 Skelenox Spectre Psycho Power * 1 Ghost Nurie Ruins
    R-191 Teraclope Spectre Psycho Power * 2 Ghost Offshore Oil Platform Hideout
    R-192 Dusknoir Spectre Psycho Power * 3 Ghost Hippowdon Temple (After beating as Boss)
    R-193 Tenefix Ténèbres Slash * 2 Dark Nurie Ruins
    Hippowdon Temple
    R-194 Sabelette Sol Dig * 1 Ground Nurie Ruins
    R-195 Sablaireau Sol Dig * 1 Ground Hippowdon Temple
    R-196 Spiritomb Spectre None Ghost None (Fight as boss in Nurie Ruins)
    R-197 Obalie Glace Slam * 1 Ice The Crystal Lake
    Hia Valley
    R-198 Phogleur Glace Break * 2 Ice The Crystal Lake
    Hia Valley
    R-199 Kaimorse Glace Break * 3 Ice Almia Castle
    R-200 Marcacrin Sol Slam * 1 Ice The Crystal Lake
    R-201 Cochignon Sol Slam * 3 Ice The Crystal Lake
    Hia Valley
    R-202 Mammochon Sol None Ground None (Fight at Asoheru Building)
    R-203 Rondoudou Normal Slam * 1 Normal The Crystal Lake
    R-204 Grodoudou Normal Slam * 2 Normal Almia Castle
    R-205 Chingling Psy Teleport Psychic The Crystal Lake
    R-206 Tiplouf Eau None Water Hia Valley (Quest)
    R-207 Prinplouf Eau Slash * 2 Water Hia Valley
    R-208 Pingoleon Eau Surf * 2 Water The Ice Lake
    R-209 Cadoizo Glace Break * 1 Ice Hia Valley (Requires Slam * 1 on Tree)
    R-210 Lippoutou Psy Teleport Psychic The Ice Lake
    Almia Castle
    R-211 Blizzi Glace None Ice Volcano Cave (Quest)
    R-212 Blizzaroi Glace Break * 3 Ice The Ice Lake (Requires Slam * 3)
    R-213 Stalgamin Glace Break * 1 Ice Almia Castle
    R-214 Onigali Glace Break * 3 Ice Almia Castle
    R-215 Froslass Glace Break * 3 Ice Almia Castle (After beating as Boss)
    R-216 Insecateur Insecte Slash * 3 a Bug Almia Castle
    Asoheru Building
    R-217 Scizor Acier Slash * 4 Steel Asoheru Building
    R-218 Minidraco Dragon Slam * 1 Dragon Almia Castle
    R-219 Draco Dragon Beak * 3 Dragon Almia Castle (After Quest)
    R-220 Feuforêve Spectre None Ghost Nurie Ruins (Quest)
    R-221 Magirêve Spectre Psycho Power * 3 Ghost Almia Castle
    R-222 Riolu Combat Break * 1 Fighting Almia Castle
    R-223 Lucario Combat None Fighting None (Fight as Boss in Almia Castle)
    R-224 Chartor Feu Lava Surf Fire Volcano Cave
    R-225 Draby Dragon Slam * 1 Dragon Volcano Cave
    R-226 Drackhaus Dragon Slam * 2 Dragon Volcano Cave
    R-227 Drattak Dragon Break * 4 Dragon Vien Forest
    The Crystal Lake
    R-228 Heatran Feu None Fire None (Fight as Boss in Volcano Cave)
    R-229 Hypotrempe Eau Slam * 2 Water Wailord Lake
    R-230 Hypocéan Eau Water * 3 Water Wailord Lake
    R-231 Hyporoi Eau Break * 4 Dragon Wailord Lake
    R-232 Serpang Eau Break * 3 Dark Wailord Lake
    R-233 Rosabyss Eau Break * 2 Psychic Wailord Lake
    R-234 Tentacruel Eau Break * 2 Water Wailord Lake
    R-235 Amonita Eau Slam * 2 Water Wailord Lake
    R-236 Amonistar Eau Water * 3 Water Wailord Lake (After Quest)
    R-237 Wailmer Eau Slam * 2 Water Wailord Lake (Requires Slash * 3)
    R-238 Wailord Eau None Water None (Data obtained after rescuing in Wailord Lake)
    R-239 Cacnea Plante Slam * 1 Grass Habura Desert
    R-240 Cacturne Ténèbres Break * 2 Dark Habura Desert (May need Slam * 2)
    R-241 Papilord Insecte Slash * 2 Flying Offshore Oil Platform Hideout
    R-242 Empiflor Plante Slash * 2 Grass Hippowdon Temple
    R-243 Jungko Plante Slash * 3 Grass Offshore Oil Platform Hideout
    R-244 Farfuret Ténèbres None Dark Almia Castle (Quest)
    R-245 Dimoret Ténèbres Slash * 4 Dark Almia Castle (After beating Boss)
    R-246 Hippopotas Sol None Ground Hippowdon Temple (Quest)
    R-247 Hippodocus Sol Sand Fill Ground Habura Desert
    R-248 Archeomire Acier Break * 1 Steel Hippowdon Temple
    R-249 Archeodong Acier Break * 3 Steel Hippowdon Temple
    R-250 Kaorine Psy Break * 3 Psychic Hippowdon Temple
    R-251 Griknot Dragon None Dragon Volcano Cave (Quest)
    R-252 Carmache Dragon Slash * 3 Dragon Hippowdon Temple
    Asoheru Building
    R-253 Carchacrok Dragon Slash * 5 Dragon Hippowdon Temple (After beating as Boss)
    R-254 Cresselia Psy None Psychic None (Fight as Boss in Hippowdon Temple
    R-255 Galifeu Feu Flame * 3 Fire Asuheru Building
    R-256 Absol Ténèbres Slash * 4 Dark Asuheru Building
    Asuheru Tower
    R-257 Darkrai Ténèbres Dark Power Dark Asuheru Tower (Boss)
    R-258 Ptera Roche Break * 4 Flying Peril Cliff (After beating Darkrai)
    R-259 Flygon Dragon Slash * 4 Dragon Habura Desert (After beating Darkrai)
    R-260 Altaria Dragon Slash * 2 Dragon Nurie Ruins Entrance (After beating Darkrai)
    R-261 Togekiss Normal Slash * 3 Normal Asoheru Tower (After beating Darkrai, After Quest)
    R-262 Porygon-Z Normal Break * 3 Normal Offshore Oil Platform Hideout (After beating Darkrai)
    R-263 Celebi Plante None Grass Vien Forest (After Quest)
    R-264 Regirock Roche None Rock Viel Forest (Requires Surf * 1 & Break * 5)
    R-265 Regice Glace None Ice Almia Castle (Requires Flame * 5)
    R-266 Registeel Acier None Steel Nurie Ruins (Requires Slash * 5)
    R-267 Regigigas Normal None Normal Hippowdon Temple (Only As Boss after capturing all 266 prior Pokémon)
    R-SP1 Dialga Dragon None Dragon Almia Castle (Event Mission Only)
    R-SP2 Palkia Dragon None Dragon Hippowdon Temple (Event Mission Only)
    R-SP3 Shaymin Plante None Grass Pueru Townwn (Event Mission Only)

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